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Bom Dia, Lydia & Sam Here

We’re a couple of thrill seeking, adventure driven nomads from Australia, that just happened to meet. Sam had been travelling for close to a year through parts of Australia and Indonesia. While I was fresh out of university with my bum in a Paramedic seat. We hit it off straight away, and it soon became apparent that we would start our adventure travel together.

Who Are We?

Sam grew up in a tiny seaside town in Tasmania. That little-big island down the bottom below Melbourne that everyone tends to mock a bit. But really, it’s an incredibly beautiful world down there while the population isn’t exactly dense. By the sounds of it he had an awesome upbringing and some hilarious encounters with his mates. Maybe he’ll tell us more about them sometime soon šŸ˜‰

At age, 21, less than a month after finishing his carpentry apprenticeship, Sam set off on the first part of his journey with some mates. After some time on the road they settled in for a season of snow in the Snowy Mountains of NSW. A week or so of this was spent at the most beautiful drop zone I’ve been to so far, known as Moruya. Which is where he endured the best week of his life, by learning to skydive. A dream and passion he has had since his first jumpĀ at age 19.

Once finished with the snow season, Sam and his mateĀ made the spontaneous decision to try their hand at sales in Bali. This added up to 3 months of some serious adventures, less surf than expected, and not a single product sold. So they decided to join back up with their friends who had now made a home on the Gold Coast, Australia.


My first 15 years were spent in South-Africa. The place I was born and bread, and will always be home in a way. When I finished high-school I decided to head to the Gold Coast for my studies,Ā an excellent decision for me. During my Uni years I went on an epic backpacker trip through Europe which is when the travel bug really bit in. My travel companion Rhi and I, created some incredible stories for ourselves on that trip. We’d only been back for 3 days when I set back off to New York for clinical experience with their FDNY ambulance department.

After that I put my head down.Ā Until I graduated from my degree, the only travel I did was to and from South-Africa. But it was only a matter of time until I’d be back in the big wide world of far-far-away. First, IĀ wanted to gain some on road Paramedic experience, though itĀ was always the plan to take my degree and go for a wander. When I met Sam, our travel plans just came into existence and waited for us to figure out the details.

On the flip side, I’m absolutely passionate about Yoga. Skydiving and Yoga are pretty much on par, and for me they go hand-in-hand together.

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How Did We End Up Here?

We saved and saved and saved, while we lived on the Gold Coast, though we should have saved more. In October 2015 we set off on a road trip down the east coast of Australia, then aimed inland to the small town of Nagambie in Victoria. Why Nagambie? Well, it houses Skydive Nagambie which offers a 3 month intensive Skydive course. The course trains you up from either beginner level, or close to beginner level, to a point where you can confidently and safely fly your body in just about any size Formation Skydiving jump. The course also includesĀ an excellent canopy and camera course with some of the leading professionals within those areas in Skydiving. As well as plenty of skills to ensure you know what’s going on, on the Drop Zone to make you employable in the Skydive world.

Needless to say, by the end of the course we were ready to try our skills on the other side of the world. After a couple other stops we landed ourselves in London . The only issue being, a few nasty surprises along the way that left us penniless. To keep a rather long story short, when we had just about reached the point of desperation, Gmail pinged. The next day we were heading straight for Skydive Hibaldstow. The rest you can find in the blogs as they become available šŸ™‚

What Can You Gain Here?

Maybe you’re a traveller yourself, or maybe you’re home looking for inspiration. If you know us, it could also be that you are checking up on where we are in the world. Regardless of your circumstances, you’ll likely be able to find some handy advice about the places we’ve been. Some excellent examples of what you shouldn’t do. And of course, if you like the idea of Portugal, I also have a little section on our progression through hoops of securing a Portuguese Residence Visa.

I hope you enjoy your time on this site!


Adios, Nomads x

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