When You Leg It To The South Of Portugal

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Into The South Of Portugal, And All The Way To Alvor

If you’ve been following along on my posts you’ll know we’ve been on a bit of a road trip from the UK to the South of Portugal. If you’ve missed out on the first few posts, go check it out by clicking on the links below. If you have been following, just keep reading and find out where we went into the South of Portugal. 🙂

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Away from lisbon

Having seen the big capital, Lisboa and it’s surroundings for a few days, it was time to stretch our legs again. Away from the crowds. We basically bolted into the Alentejo region and back to the coast. Not a bad drive, though we didn’t quite miss all the tolls. Plus, take a look at this bridge we crossed! We actually crossed it 3 times… The first was accidental, the second a correction, the third was finally intentional. So off we went on our intention. I think that intention was to find more waves, but there wasn’t much to be found. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and Sam once again plunged in with no wetsuit and limited waves.

into the south of portugal

into the south of portugal into the south of portugal








He got out again fairly soon after due to the cold and lack of waves, but he did try. Off we went again, through some scraggly, sand dune roads, spidering their way along the coast. Doing their best to catch us in their web of loose sand. Not gonna get us today, Dunes! We slipped and slid our way through the little roads and managed it back onto sturdier gravel eventually. From here we turned our noses in the direction of another small coastal town known as Vila Nova De Milfontess.

Vila Nova De Milfontes is almost exactly the same distance from Lisbon airport as it is from Faro. It’s also virtually inaccessible without your own means of transport. This might account for the fact that there were barely any tourists. A nearly untouched part of the Portuguese West Coast. The Alentejo region had used it’s untouched charms as a way of luring us in. We didn’t want to leave.

the south of portugal

A Night in vila nova

Seeing as we hadn’t had any showers in a few days, and I hadn’t even found the courage to jump in the ocean since Nazare. It was time to book a room again, get showered up and find a nice warm cooked meal nearby. That’s exactly what we did. Booking.com came in handy again, and I even managed to get some discounts due to the amount of uses we’d gotten out of it so far. Woo! Which, led us to a proper introduction to Portuguese style living.

Entering a misleadingly small door which made us think we’d be getting what we paid for (i.e. it was definitely cheap). The door opened into a beautifully tiled, open plan living room and reception area. Our checkin was quick and cash only; key in hand and ushered out the side door into an elegant yet exotic courtyard. We were lead up three flights of tiled stairs to a lofty, spacious, freshly painted and redecorated room. Good words to describe it would include, ‘Space’, and ‘Open’.the south of portugalthe south of portugal Left lone in our lofty, open, spacious room we pushed open the big wooden shutters revealing a solid balcony with fresh air and views. Soldavila, not bad for a bargain. With showers, photos and micro-naps done, we were back out the door on the hunt for a decent meal. And a decent meal we found…


Sam’s near explosion

We ventured through the town which was under quite a bit of construction. Roads resembling dirt pits where all the cobblestones were previously. Though it wasn’t too long before we found a decent restaurant with a spectacular view. For the life of me I can’t recall the name. However, it wouldn’t be hard to find again as it’s not a particularly large place. Plus, it’s right on the water where the ocean lets into the land.

Walking in we thought we’d be eating Sushi and Sashimi for the night. Once we sat down, the buffet made itself known to us pretty quickly. It showed us all the ridiculously flavoursome traditional Portuguese food we’d be missing out on if we went with our initial plan. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing everything tasted. The Portuguese know how to cook their food. It also seems they are far more likely to cook everything from absolute scratch than some of their Northern European friends.

We may have gorged a little here, but it was well worth it. At least, it was for me. Sam on the other hand nearly split open after inhaling around three stacked up plates, and then some. I was only at “Food Coma” level. It made for an intense walk home that night. Both our bellies dragging on the floor, and neither of us quite remembering where we had walked down from. We eventually came across the little door again though, so all was well.

Legging it into the south of Portugal

All of a sudden our holiday was running out and our deadline to be in Alvor was upon us. With more left of the coast than what we could do in a day, we decided to leave it for the time being. Don’t worry, we did end up coming back to it later on, the delay was a temporary arrangement. We set off into the South of Portugal, Algarve. A place of golden sunny beaches, crystal clear waters, epic views while skydiving, ghost towns in winter and bustling to the brim in summer.

While it wasn’t the coastal road, it still had plenty to give. The last drive of the trip really only had to take about one-and-a-half-hours. We have a habit of making drives take longer, yet feel quicker 😉  With plenty to look at along the way, I can’t say anything negative about the road we ended up on. Portugal is so rich in culture, it almost doesn’t matter where you go.

And so our road trip from the UK to Algarve came to an end. We loved every second of it. Portugal is a dream to explore. It’s exotic, it’s beautiful, it’s gold…

The south of portugal

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